Sharon Bailey

Sharon's history with yoga began in 1998 when she found a paperback book of yoga poses while in line at the supermarket. She self-studied and practiced yoga basics on and off throughout the years.

It wasn't until early 2017 while recovering from back surgery when she incorporated yoga in her daily routine determined to heal quickly and properly. It was during this time that Sharon really began to connect with yoga on a spiritual level.

Only wanting to learn more about yoga, she signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training program offered by Live In Joy. This particular part of her journey inspired her to want to share her knowledge by becoming a yoga instructor. She then continued on to enroll in the 100-hour Ayurveda Self Healing program.

Yoga & Ayurveda has become a passion to continue, learn and teach. Sharon’s journey has inspired her to share the importance of self-love through her teachings.

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