Raindrop Technique

 Relax, Heal and Rejuvenate with the Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance physical and emotional well-being.

This 60-minute non-invasive technique is a rejuvenating and deeply relaxing topical application of therapeutic essential oils. 
Raindrop Technique utilizes Essential Oils that are gently released like little “raindrops” along the spine. Then using light strokes they are worked into the skin dispersing the oils along the spine. This stimulates energy impulses, and oils are delivered to the nervous system. This brings balance and clearing and re-aligning of energy centers.  This technique aids in reducing spinal inflammation and kills viruses that hibernate along the spinal column. It is said this may also help to straighten any minor spinal curvatures due to stress or poor posture. 

Technique includes application of oils to spine and along the shin bones of legs. After oils comes hot towels and heated massage stones with a gentle massage. By stimulating the Central Nervous System, client receives a total body treatment. Oils continue to work in the body for a week or more. It may be necessary to repeat application more frequently to achieve desired body response.

For long lasting benefits it is recommended to do Raindrop Technique 4 times a year, (seasonally) for a healthy person, and more frequently for those who have health issues.

Primary Essential Oils used: 
Basil - Relaxing to spastic muscles and stimulating the nerves and adrenal glands
Birch -  relieves joint and muscle pain, lowers blood sugar, removes toxins from body, purifies blood
Cypress - used for its antibacterial, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, and diuretic properties
Marjoram - Relaxes muscles, soothe nerves, relieve cramps, aches, and pains. Calming to the respiratory system.
Oregano - Works along with thyme to boost the immune system. Also, may help to balance metabolism.
Peppermint -  Driver oil. Enhances the qualities of all other oils. Cooling and soothing to the muscles.
Thyme -  Immune boosting by attacking any bad bacteria, fungus, infection, or virus. Also, will help overcome fatigue and physical weakness after an illness.

Substitutions or additions of certain essential oils can be made to accommodate your particular health needs. Additional cost may apply.  

Benefits of Raindrop Technique Include:
Stress management
Balance and harmony to the body—physically, mentally, and emotionally
Structural and electrical alignment
Immune enhancement
Nerve stimulation
Energy alignment
Antiseptic (it creates a poor environment for viruses and bacteria to grow)
Increase Vitality
Pain Management
Muscle Relaxation
Improve circulation


Sunshine is a true healer! The raindrop massage/therapy is so relaxing.  It truly melts everything away!  R.B

Sunshine is a wonderful spirit with a light and gentle energy and the opportunity to experience Sunshine's RainDrop Technique was a true gift.  Various oils were used on my back applied in rain drop fashion.  After some time, a hot towel was applied to my back while Sunshine massaged my feet, the icy/hot effect of the oils on my back began to kick in.  It felt as if I were getting two separate treatments.  I was able to really let go and relax in this calming atmosphere. This was an amazing experience.  I highly recommend Sunshine and her Rain Drop gift.  S.B. 

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