We are honored to do this work in this beautiful community and to serve in a place dedicated to healing, wellness & empowerment! 

"I have embarked on my journey down the path of Kundalini yoga with Teja as my guide and teacher. She has kindly extended her energy field to me which I am so grateful for. The extension of her guidance does not stop after class; she offers support via her words and energy following class as well. During every session with her, I feel like I learn something new about myself. I believe her guidance through the practice of Kundalini yoga is helping me become a more open hearted person. I look forward to continuing to explore kundalini yoga with Teja as my guide."
~Madeleine S

"Upon walking into Live In Joy Yoga, Julie Fischer greets you with a big smile and hug and right away the healings have begun. Julie's gifts are extraordinary. She exudes nurturing love, peace, and joy. Julie customizes each massage to my needs at that time.

In the loving, relaxed, soothing environment of the studio and massage room, I can let go of the stresses in my life and allow her "magical" fingers to undo the knots and tightness in my muscles. The flowing style of the massage using gentle touch brings me back to my center and core strength.

At the conclusion of the massage, the healing energies are strong. I am always grateful and filled with delight."


"Live in Joy Yoga is a wonderful studio for finding the balance in your life."
~Maggie M

"My Raindrop Session with Sunshine was GLORIOUS.  No other words could describe how this made me feel.  I went into this without prior knowledge and Sunshine walked through with me every step before beginning.  The combination of oils, light massage, and hot towel will leave you feeling completely at peace.  Sunshine is truly a miracle worker."

~Kate S

A deal to flip over proclaimed Live In Joy Yoga! With my New Year's resolution in hand, I sought out local yoga studios to add yoga to my whole-being (aka wellbeing) fitness routine. Since I had the freedom to choose from a wide variety of yoga classes with my unlimited deal, I ventured into a new experience of Yin Yoga. I was delighted with the knowledge, confident guidance, and enjoyable personality of Kati - Yin instructor extraordinaire! My body, energetic system, and mind were opened by these classes.

Janet's yoga for all levels flowed so easily that I only realized the degree to which I was challenged when I was done. Yin Flow and first light yoga have sold me. I am inspired by the teaching, the knowledge, and the heartfelt welcome I've received. I am quite interested in learning from the various instructors as I understand that the quality of training and experience is important to the Live in Joy owners. I've already scheduled my Thai massage with Julie to support my New Year body.

With the variety of talented folks brought in for kirtans, drum circles, and workshops scheduled at Live in Joy, I expect to be hanging out in this lovely studio on and off the mat. Kudos to Live in Joy!"

~Kathleen M., Mt Laurel, NJ

"There is a sense of ease, comfort & joy as soon as you cross the threshold leading into this wonderful sanctuary. An amazing group of people at Live in Joy!

The weekly Yoga with Janet has been great in calming down my racing mind & enhancing overall well being. I have been getting Thai massage & bodywork by Julie for a number of years now. She is a master at her craft. She is a Godsend!

Their workshops ( I think they should be called Play-shops) are varied & enthusiastically presented. If you are looking for a place to expand your practice & bring joy into your life... this is the place!!!"

~Chiara R., Mt Laurel, NJ

 "I Love Live In joy! After being gently pushed in the direction of Live in Joy yoga studio by a dear friend who is a certified yoga instructor I finally gave in and attended my first yoga class ever. It was amazing! The studio is warm and inviting. The staff is wonderful and so welcoming! Live in Joy has exceeded even my greatest expectations. Janet is amazing! I always leave the studio feeling renewed and refreshed and I have Janet and Live in Joy to thank for it!

I would recommend this studio to everyone... and I do!

For anyone looking to try yoga for the first time I promise you will not be disappointed at Live in Joy. I have never felt so comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone. Thank You!"

~Laura H., Audubon, NJ

"I have been practicing Yoga since 1984 and have taken numerous classes over the years. I am also fortunate to be married to a certified yoga instructor. I am also very fortunate to have started taking regular yoga classes with Janet Watkins at the Living in Joy Yoga and Wellness Center. 

I can honestly say that Janet is among the best of the Yoga instructors I have had the pleasure to experience over the years. She seems to stand out from other instructors in that: 1) she has a unique method of leading students through the vinyasa that allows one to get as deep as possible into poses while avoiding strain, and 2) as she instructs the proper method of moving gracefully through the vinyasa practice she also ties concepts to the bigger issue of moving gracefully through life. The way she does this is very subtle but powerful.

After each hour and a half of excellent instruction, I find myself floating out the door feeling relaxed, standing taller, and in a blissful state that lasts the rest of the day. So do yourself a favor and get blessed out at the center in Audubon.  Then go out and spread the love! Namaste."

~Paul B.

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