About Thai Yoga Bodywork

Stretch and expand as never before with Thai Yoga

It’s a stretch! Thai Yoga bodywork takes the concept of massage to the next level.

This 90-minute ancient body aligning ayurvedic treatment is a relaxing, yet powerful series of assisted yoga stretches, compression, massage & acupressure.   

About Thai Massage

Thai Yoga bodywork is relaxing and energizing and often described as “doing yoga without the work”. this ayurvedic art offers flexibility, inner organ bodywork, oxygenation of the blood and quieting of the mind that is attained with yoga. the bodywork is done on a comfortable mat while fully clothed. while it feels like an extraordinary pampering, Thai Yoga bodywork, or its traditional name, Nuad Borarn goes far beyond the benefits of relaxation.


Nuad Borarn was first documented over 3000 years ago and is a fusion of influences from Tibet, India, China, and Thailand. The conception is credited to the personal physician to Lord Buddha and the King’s family. Thai yoga bodywork along with herbs and spiritual practice became the protocol commonly used to facilitate complete physical and mental wellness.

Healing benefits

The practitioner works to detect & correct energy imbalance by working directly with the sen lines. Under normal healthy circumstances, the body's energy flows uninhibited throughout 72,000 sen lines and is distributed according to the body's needs and activities. Blockages in sen occur for a variety of reasons including stress, muscle strains & injuries. When these lines are congested or blocked, problems and illness appear in the mind and body. The simple gentle healing touch, asanas (stretches), and rhythmic motion of the practitioner directs and allows these lines to flow freely with ease. Strong sen flow throughout mind and body creates the most desirable experience of living as our healthy, true attuned selves, which subsequently inspires us to achieve greater goals and personal growth.

The Ultimate Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork was described in the New York Times as ‘the ultimate bodywork' because of its innate ability to reach the entire body. While many athletes enjoy deep muscle work, Thai Yoga Bodywork is easily customized and suitable for people of every age, range of motion and flexibility.

What to do? 

Just lie there and surrender your weary body to a vastly enjoyable healing ritual. Wearing your stretchy clothes, you will be moved and gently stretched until you are reacquainted with muscles you have forgotten about and your body is balanced on every level. 

Testimonial from M.L.

“I cannot thank you enough for my wonderful Thai massage. The relief to my back was tremendous, but I was not expecting the relief to a knee injury that had bothered me for a few years. You suggested that the relief to my back stress would probably relieve the knee pain, and you were correct! Your gentle, peaceful presence and kind nature made the whole process doubly enjoyable. I have felt such relief since my massage and I’m so grateful to you for both your skills and the gentle, loving manner in which you conducted the massage. I cannot wait to do it again. Thank you so much."

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