Renee Paravati, RYT200

My Mission: Consciously lead a life of love and joy to increase kindness, inspire happiness, strengthen community to collectively impact humanity making the world a better place.

My Story: I struggled with a weakened body image nearly my entire life. After taking a few yoga classes in my early 30’s, the instruction I received met the lack of self-compassion reaffirming the old story lines of inadequacies, fear, and inaccessibility, therefore forbidding myself from taking to the mat again. As I approached my 50th birthday over a year ago, I felt this tug, more like a calling to return to the mat, revisit those story lines and rediscover who I really am. I learned to see, listen, and love myself, appreciate my body and all its glory and discovered an extraordinary practice I am delighted to share and blessed to share. The name Renee means “reborn” or “born again” and although I always loved my given name, I feel now after 50 years, it’s meaning truly resonates.

The Lesson: Yoga allows us to listen to the whispers of wisdom unearthed between breath and movement. Yoga taught from a lens of love empowers individuals to listen to the alignment of their heart, body, and soul, with compassionate encouragement offering heart centered practices designed to invite options, explore with curiosity, and move through choice.
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