Megan Marchese, RYT 500

Megan joined the Live-In-Joy family in 2014 as a tribal belly dance instructor. Megan was introduced to the world of belly dance when a friend convinced her to take a free beginner American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance class at a community center in 2003. She fell in love with everything about tribal style belly dance. After taking the free class for several months, she moved on to taking Intermediate and Advanced tribal classes in PA. In 2007 she began teaching privately, and along with directing an Improvisational Tribal Style(ITS) student troupe, she is also co-director of a tribal fusion belly dance troupe. For Megan, the sense of community when dancing in a group, the connection between the body, mind, and the ground beneath the feet create a joyful experience every time the music begins.

As for yoga, Megan, like a lot of people, came to the mat for exercise and stretching. Once on the mat, what made her stay was the infinite amount of discovering one can do in yoga. Discovering how to let go, how to be still, how to find inner strength, how to find compassion, how to find a connection to everything around, all of this was glimpsed at while on the mat. There's always a new pose to explore, a concept to play around with, another aspect of awareness to discover.

In 2016, Megan received her 200-hour teacher certification, followed by a 100 hour Ayurvedic Self Care certification in 2017, and her 300-hour teacher certification in 2018 all at Live-In-Joy.

During classes, Megan strives to teach people how to let go. How to take all of the judgement, all the to-do lists, all of the thoughts rolling around in their heads, and put them on the back burner for at least the duration of the class, maybe even taking that feeling with them as they go about their day. To be present with no worries, to find the love that sits right in our heart center and nurture it during a practice. Megan’s greatest hope is that everyone who attends her class feels just a little bit lighter when they leave.

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