Aradhana Deb Deleon, RYT 500

For as long as I can remember, I was on a quest to find moments of peace to ease my anxiety and reconnect with who I truly am Yoga and meditation was the vehicle I was seeking.

After Janet dispelled all of my fear-based excuses, I embarked on a journey to actualize a ten-year dream to become a Yoga Teacher. I completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 100-hour “Heal Thy Self” Ayurveda Intensive, and eagerly dove right into the 300-hour Teacher Training, all at Live in Joy. The journey never ends, it only continues to unfold.

Yoga to me is a Peaceful reflection of my inner soul while stretching the body; I am stretching my limited ego-mind.

I express compassion and honoring self- love in my classes, allowing a safe sanctuary to reconnect to your true essence while abandoning fear. I strive to live authentically and share how “positive mind, positive actions” can bring joy, and we all can shine through adversity.

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