Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Level II - MORE Yin-tensive!

In this training, we will deepen our understanding and experience of Yin Yoga as well as to inspire your students safely and mindfully into this beautiful practice.

A yin yoga class shares the same goal of a traditional yoga class, to become fully present to life, but through the practice of surrender and stillness. Learning how to guide your students inwards comes from our own experiences within.

Level II Yin Yoga training moves us deeper into the essence of a yin yoga practice, embodying the self-realization practice of yoga. Having an understanding of the koshas and subtle anatomy, we now move through each sheath inward, towards our true self. 

Many areas will be covered throughout the weekend, including:

  • Mobility/Flexibility vs. Strength/Stability
  • Subtle Body – Meridians & Nadis
  • Teacher’s Voice/Responsibility
  • Yin for specific issues, such as insomnia, indigestion, etc.
  • Creating space for Self Awareness
  • Class Sequencing 
  • Receiving/Surrendering 

And so much more! Join the journey!

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