Josey Manna

Josey is a Spiritual Worker and owner of the Casted Circle. She is a Reiki Master of Traditional Usui Reiki and a Certified Sound Healer. She offers Tarot readings, Energy Healing, and Sound Healing. Her business is about creating a sacred healing space to nurture the Spirit. Additionally, she will host workshops that focus on connecting and building your spiritual practice. Some of her workshops include learning Tarot and guided meditations.

The path of our spiritual journey is endless with many gifted opportunities. For this reason, Josey was guided to Live in Joy yoga studio to host a workshop. In doing so she was given a beautiful chance to become a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor. During her training, she discovered a new outlook on yoga, found a deeper meaning behind the practice, and made many new friends that have become a part of her spiritual tribe.  Josey has expanded her sacred healing space by offering yoga classes to the public. Check out her website for future workshops and events!

Love and light magical souls