2022 Bhakti Retreat  

Playbook for Muse-ical Meditation & Mantra

This hands on sensorial chanting and journaling book is designed specifically for you!  Whether a music and mantra lover, a morning meditator, a color doodler and/or a covert writer this original Playbook will meet you right where you are.

Are you open to embracing those parts of yourself that you like?  What about dishing up those less attractive tendencies and drawing them closer into view? There is such value when we expedite our truth. This Playbook for Muse-ical Mantra & Meditation provides multi formatted learning and healing techniques, many of which have been around for centuries, to enlighten the whole of our personal story with imagery, self- inquiry and play.

Navigate through the 19 chapters, while enjoying a free musical download from one of Yvette Om's collection of recorded chants written both in English, as well as borrowing from the timeless Sanskrit mantras of the spiritual East. Explore how these mantras relate to your own authentic wisdom. 

Co-created with Julie Fischer with illustrations by Joanne Fink of Zenspirations, get ready to rediscover your inner child; to cavort, to plunge and to flourish! 


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