This workshop imparts the unique system of healing that is Angelic Reiki and is taught over two and a half days. Students are attuned to 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki and a number of treatment methods are taught. The student gains ‘hands on’ experience in the healing methodology and learns how to attune healing tools.

The attunements – which connect students with Healing Angels who will then work with each individual on a permanent basis – incorporate Reiki symbols attuned through the Angelic vibration. These symbols were given to humanity by St Germain at the time of Atlantis. 

This workshop gifts you with:

◦ A complete karma cutting and Angelic clearing prior to each attunement

◦ Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree levels

◦ The 7 symbols given are activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form by Archangel Metatron

◦ An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th dimension through Archangel Metatron

◦ Hands on healing experience of channelling Angelic healing energy, third eye healing, healing with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers and Multidimensional and Past Life healing.

◦ Guidance re self-healing, absent/distance healing, treating pregnant women, children and animals

◦ Advice on healing treatment practicalities

◦ Techniques to attune healing tools

◦ A Master Crystal to hold the Angelic Codes of Healing

◦ A comprehensive practitioners manual

◦ Certificate of training achievement to 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki

As a healer working with Angels in this way, you offer a wonderful service to yourself, humanity and the planet.

Workshop Details:

Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

118 W. Merchant St,

Audubon, NJ

May 3rd - 6-9 pm

May 4th - 12-8 pm

May 5th - 12-8 pm

Maximum 10 participants, so be sure to reserve your spot!

$444 - Levels 1 & 2 (non-refundable $222 deposit due upon registration)

Register Here

Suggested reading: Angelic Reiki - By: Christine Core

Contact Susan Raletz for additional details - 609-320-2318

Special offer: If you like to experience a Distance Angelic Reiki session prior to the workshop, I’m offering a $50 session for participants.

Next Level 3 & 4 - coming in November!

Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

118 W Merchant St, Audubon, NJ 08106
May 03, 2024
6:00 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT