Come experience this Healing Breathwork Workshop where we combine a continuous three-part pranayama breath and mindfulness techniques to enable deeper self-awareness for personal transformation and growth. Healing Breathwork is an active meditation performed while laying down where the participant is empowered to control their own healing and transformation throughout the session through the pace and intensity of their breath. The healing breathwork technique offers the ability to disconnect from the mind and connect to a deeper level of emotional and physical awareness, release stress and tension from the body, and improve overall well-being. During the breathwork session, led by a certified Breathwork Practitioner, the participant will use the three-part pranayama breath continuously for up to 30 minutes to allow stagnant energy stored in the body as thoughts, feelings and memories, to arise for processing and release through the breath and body in a safe environment. Benefits of Healing Breathwork • Enhanced emotional, physical and mental wellbeing • Reduction of stress and anxiety • Enhanced presence, vitality and energy • Increased self-awareness and personal growth • Tangible release of strong negative emotions such as anger and sadness The duration of the Breathwork Workshop is approximately 90 minutes and will include intention setting and grounding meditation, breathwork instruction, a 30-minute breathwork session, and journaling integration. * Healing Breathwork may not be appropriate for everyone and individuals who are pregnant or have severe mental or health conditions should consult their physician or therapist prior to participation.

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Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness
118 W Merchant St, Audubon, NJ 08106
Jan 29, 2023
1:00 PM EST to 2:30 PM EST
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