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Living Authentically with Ayurveda

I love the science of Ayurveda.   I love reading about it, deeper studying, practice of healing techniques and especially teaching what I know at this moment.   I never questioned the passion that rises up within when I get some “alone” time with my studies, there is just a knowing.  

The profound continuous benefits of living an Ayurveda lifestyle, as much as possible, has been the experience of getting to know me, insecurities and all.  Understanding the life forces that lives within us, which fuels us and their characteristics not only gives us different healing therapies to maintain or bring balance back to the body but most importantly an understanding of how our mind works, in balance and completely fried.   


The last summer that I can remember thoroughly enjoying was in 2014, that was the year of 15 snowstorms.  I can remember being at the pool celebrating a friend’s birthday in the middle of August and it being to cool to really swim, best summer ever!  If you do not know me or are new to Ayurveda, I am the elements of Fire & Water making the constitution of Pitta, summer is a Pitta season.  Summer is not a time my charming side leads, it takes a routine of self-care to not add to the imbalance already present.  While fixing the deeper imbalance will require western medical assistance, healing the imbalance within the mind has been happening first and that is the responsibility of me.  Ayurveda teaches taking responsibility of one’s life and health.   Which, when I think about it is quite empowering.   

Recently I have noticed articles or talks  on how to live authentically,”  with various description of what it means to each person.  The one which resonates with me from  Professor Stephen Joseph’s book, Authentic: How to be yourself and why it matters – The person living authentically exists “moment by moment, striving to understand themselves, their motivation, defenses, and conditions of worth, while being aware of their responsibilities and choices. An authentic life involves following one’s passion and being intimately connected to our natural abilities, strengths, and talents.”

By incorporating the healing science of Ayurveda together with yoga, meditation and mantra I unknowingly began the journey of living authentically and it allowed me to understand and have compassion for the struggle I have encountered to live authentically.   Accepting that at this moment going to any type of festival and singing kumbaya  is not going happen, there is no judgement, it is the best way to keep the suffering to a minimal, mine and any others that I would encounter, eliminating the ripple affect completely.   There is no should in authenticity.   To acknowledge the limitations in life is one of the most freeing experiences to have and it included letting go of what others may think and the shoulds that live rent free in the mind.   It does not happen overnight, it is a practice and just like our yoga practices, eventually it happens.   So as the summer continues on with what I call unbearable heat and humidity, I embrace it.   I am not hating each day and night, there is an acceptance, this will pass which allows me to embrace the low humidity moments when I can enjoy the outside.    


Tips for Staying In Balance

Following are some of the practices I incorporate into my daily life to help keep myself in balance during the summer and especially on extremely hot days.   Take what resonates with you and let the rest go.   If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda think about joining our upcoming 200 Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training which begins October 1.   

·     Become more aware of what is happening in your body. 

·     Listen to your inner voice rather than losing it in the noise of others. 

·     Know yourself, what you are good at, what you are prepared to do, and what you are not.  Continually being honest with myself is the most freeing experience.  

·     Own yourself and your truths, this is self-love in action. 

·     Be yourself; be transparent with others, this can be hard in the beginning, especially with the ones closest to us, it is just like building strength in the body, the more      we do it the stronger it becomes.   

A yoga practice in the summer (a pitta season) encourages compassion, acceptance, relaxed effort, be cooling in nature and fun. The following are some basic guidelines for practice:

•   Have fun in your poses. Do not take yourself or the pose too seriously.

•   Enjoy movement in your poses.

•   Soften your gaze downward, at the horizon or even practice with your eyes closed.

•   Allow freedom and creativity in your practice. Change it up. Avoid sticking to one style or series of poses.

•   Practice in a moderately cool space, avoid practicing in extremely heated spaces. 

•   Focus on the yoga experience in your body, not your brain.

•   Work at 70% effort, only slightly sweating. 

•   Avoid being judgmental and critical of yourself.

•   Focus on your exhalation.

•   Use the exhalation to let go and release any built up anger, frustration, stress, etc.

•   Be aware of your breath in your back body.

•   Practice plenty of twists and side body openers.

•   Benefit from practicing at a slower pace than usual.

•   Remind yourself that less is more!



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