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February - Sunshine

We have created this spotlight as a place for you to get to know our beautiful teachers that make up our amazing team!   Meet Sunshine, who not only teaches Hatha Yoga & Kundalini Yoga she also does Raindrop Technique!  Click Here to Learn More

From the Beginning

Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I was born at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. My family lived in East Camden until I was in high school when we moved to Pennsauken. I went to Camden Catholic High School

 When and/or how did you find yoga?  Was there anything memorable about taking your very first class, or about your first teacher? 

I found yoga through a friend who was in Teacher Training. She asked me and a few others to be her students so she could practice her teaching skills. I continued following her after she was with a studio. Her class was Yin/Vin. It was a very good class for me, as I was still healing my body and spirit from a very long illness. About a year went by and one day in savasana a voice in my head said "you need to go to teaching training" . So that's what I did! My friend had heard that Live In Joy Yoga Studio was beginning a 200 hour training in a few months. So I went to the studio to sign up! I already knew Janet and Julie through Thai Massage Training. So it was kind of serendipitous! 

When did you decide to become a yoga teacher yourself?

I didn't, really plan on being a teacher , it was more of a personal thing. But you know how things just happen, and now I teach both yogic modalities! To me, teaching people how to get into their bodies and allowing healing to come is magical. Mental and spiritual healing comes as well with some effort and consciousness. What a beautiful practice. And the best thing is Yoga is for everyone!! No matter where you are there is yoga for you.


Have you found yourself drawn to a specific type of yoga?  If so, what about this type of yoga draws you in?

I liked the idea of Ayurvedic Yoga, yogic philosophies with devotion, yoga for the whole body and spirit. The program sounded like it was just what I was looking for. Little did I know how much healing would take place for me!!   I love yoga! I feel like it helped me to heal from my past mental and physical dis-ease.

Half way through training I found Kundalini yoga, it blew my mind. After just a few classes I knew I was going to continue my yoga training in Kundalini Yoga. I graduated in June from Live In Joy and in September I began a year in Kundalini Training!  Which catapulted me into awareness of myself, mind, body and spirit . I didn't know I was going to become undone and actually come back together again. Talk about healing!!

 What are your favorite go-to poses?  The poses you could do every day, all day?

 My favorite pose: that's hard. My go to poses are pigeon, tree pose, malasana, forward fold and life nerve stretch. Every pose offers something to your being, you just need to open up into it.

 What do you like new students not only to your class, but to yoga in general, to know?  What advice do you give to those starting out?  

 I would like people to know that everyone , no matter what your situation is, you can reap many benefits from a yogic practice. No matter what type of yoga you choose it embodies all of you. And it's all about you and where you are in life. I feel yoga is a bridge to yourself, so many of us don't have that connection to themselves. Be present and you will find nuggets of joy in your efforts.

 Do you have a favorite quote/ saying/ affirmation/mantra?  Or one of each of those?

Favorite Quote: May all beings be free and happy and may my own thoughts words and actions contribute to that freedom and happiness. I do not know the author.

We Want to Know

Name three of your favorite foods/drinks.  Can be from a restaurant, or something you make at home.

I love avocados, shrimp fried rice and Teecino Mocha Herbal Tea

 Where do you find your inspiration?

 My inspiration comes from others in my life and nature. Having a deep connection with earth energy and the Infinite spirit within will pump me right up!

Has yoga taken you on a new path recently?  Are you learning something new?  Expanding in a certain direction?

My yoga has brought me back to somethings I thought I left in my past. Two of those things are giving Thai Massage and doing Raindrop Therapy with essential oils. With that I have also resumed making Essential Oil Blends for people   as well as Ear Candling.

These practices were stopped when I became ill, but now the opportunity and ability is 


What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is watching a movie while eating popcorn and red licorice!! You know the sweet and salty...love it!

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