Jimmy Sell, RYT 200

Jimmy is both ecstatic and filled with gratitude to be teaching at Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness.
  He walked into his first yoga class over four years ago not knowing what to expect, but knowing that something had to change in his life. Having tried a local gym years before and not liking the scene at all, he was finally motivated to search out other options.  Beset with high cholesterol, sciatica, chronic lethargy and a general sense of malaise, he thought yoga might provide a solution.  He fell in love with yoga from the start and never looked back.  
Jimmy loves the fact that yoga is much more than just a physical practice and cherishes the ayurvedic, meditative and healing effects on the body, mind and soul that the practice of yoga bestows.  
  Jimmy is a recent graduate of 200 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training at Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness and is currently pursuing his 500 hour certification at Himalayan Institute.  
  Jimmy lives in Audubon with his wife, Maggie and two mischievous cats, Lazarus and Clementine.  


Stephanie Varnum RYT 200
Stephanie took her first yoga class in 2001 as a way to improve her strength and flexibility.  She found yoga helped alleviate chronic muscular pain from a lifetime of competitive sports, and improved her ability to manage stress from her job in corporate finance.  As a former collegiate athlete, Stephanie has long been interested in the power and movement of the physical body.  As her yoga practice deepened, she quickly discovered how the body’s connection with the breath can be an invaluable resource to quiet her mind during difficult times.Stephanie lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and two daughters and strives to incorporate yoga poses and mindfulness practices into their daily lives.  She graduated from the 200 hour teacher training program at Live in Joy in May 2016 and is especially grateful to have the opportunity to teach here at this studio.

Cindy Irvin
Cindy Irvin is a local Audubon native who has spent over 25 years working with children as well as Owner and Operator of Our Soul's Shine, Health and Wellness and  author of Our Souls's Shine, A Nutrition Guide for Children.  From Director of a child- care facility to teaching Montessori Kindergarten to private nanny Cindy's passion in life lies in being part of the village it takes in raising kind, compassionate, conscientious, respectful, healthy children.   Cindy works with families in getting them back to nature with food.  Cindy is currently finishing up an Ayurveda Counseling program online with Kerala Ayurveda Academy.   She is honored to be part of the Live In Joy community and super grateful to be teaching the kid's yoga in her home town. 

Meet Us!

Devpreet Kaur RYT, IKYTA
Devpreet’s yogic adventure started as a child in the 1960’s when despite neglect and abuse, she felt so certain of God’s love that she began a lifelong quest to understand what she so strongly knew. Her journey took her to yoga in 1978 with sporadic Hatha Yoga classes, but it wasn’t until her brother’s sudden death in 1993 that she was “shaken awake.” In 1994 Devpreet discovered Kundalini Yoga and says, “I knew that I had come home.” From 1994 – 1996 she attended a weekly course in yogic studies and began to walk the path in earnest. In 2011, disability drove Devpreet to retire from a pharmaceutical training business that she had built and run for 15 years as she set out to heal herself by yogic and naturopathic means. Devpreet believes that her entire life’s course has prepared her to teach Kundalini Yoga. As a deeply devoted student and educator, she will never stop learning and is currently enrolled on a 5 year advanced Kundalini Studies program. Devpreet’s style is realistic and reverent as she communicates the deep Truths of the teachings. Through stories told with authenticity and ease, she shares the transformative effects that the teachings have had in her own life and in so many others

Linda Sheehan RYT 200
Linda has been on her yoga journey since undergraduate days in college when she decided to explore it for an elective.  At that time she also became interested in Tai chi, Qi Gong and mediation.  Her practice waxed and waned through the years until she became more disciplined and serious over the past ten years which led to her deciding to do her YTT at Yogawood in 2012 and is deciding the direction to focus further studies in Ayurveda.  Linda has pursued further studies/certification in Yin Yoga with Corina Benner- Wake Up Yoga,  Restorative Yoga with Nita Spielberg-Our Lady of Lourdes, and Thai Yoga Massage with Sudevi Kramer, Vedic Institute.  Linda is a Reiki Master Level 1 doing all of her certifications to that degree with Elsie Kerns. 

Joanne Baer, RYT 500, Ayurvedic Counselor
Joanne taught aerobics and fitness classes for over 20 years and was passionate about running. It was running that first awakened her to the connection between body, breath and spirit and the clarity of mind that comes with that connection. A sense of compassion and a desire to serve others led Joanne to pursue a nursing career. Joanne is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and is thrilled to see the shift occurring slowly but surely in Western Medicine with the integration of Eastern philosophies and integrative medicine. Joanne is certified in Reiki 1 & 2.  In 2006 Joanne was studying at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA with Dr. Susan Taylor for a certification as a meditation specialist. She took the class to deepen her own meditation practice and possibly integrate the practices learned to assist her patients in the home care field. During the training, Joanne was reintroduced to Yoga and came to better understand the connection between Yoga asana and meditation. Joanne began practicing Yoga regularly at the Yoga Center of Medford, NJ and in 2011 completed Yoga teacher training. Joanne is eager to share the peace and tranquility she has found from a regular yoga practice and help others to experience the transformation that yoga can bring to life.

Megan Marchese
Megan was introduced to the world of belly dance when a friend convinced her to take a free beginner American Tribal Style(ATS) belly dance class at a community center in 2003.  She fell in love with everything about tribal style belly dance.  After taking the free class for several months, she moved on to taking Intermediate and Advanced tribal classes in PA.  In 2007 she began teaching privately, and along with directing an Improvisational Tribal Style(ITS) student troupe, she is also co-director of a tribal fusion belly dance troupe.  Megan performs at several faires and belly dance events during the year with both her fusion troupe and her student troupe.  For Megan, the sense of community when dancing in a group, the connection between the body, mind, and the ground beneath the feet creates a joyful experience every time the music begins.  For more information on her beginner belly dance class, and to see notes from previous classes, please visit www.shantidance.wordpress.com.

Janet Watkins, E-RYT 500, CRM, Ayurvedic Practitioner
  Co-Founder of Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

Janet's discovery of yoga in 2001 has transformed her life.  As a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, receiving her 200 hour certification from Lourdes Wholistic Institute in 2007 where she discovered Ayurveda, the science of yoga. Continuing her training in yoga and Ayurveda, she received her 500 hour certification in 2012 from Yoga On Main in Manyunk, PA.  Janet continued her studies with Ed Zadlow in Ayurveda and in 2013 received her certification as a Ayurveda Health Consultant.  Through her studies at Yoga on Main she was introduced to the language of Yoga, Sanskrit and Ashtanga Yoga.  Janet studies Sanskrit, Meditation and Ashtanga Yoga with Zoe Mai of American Sanskrit Institute, and is an Apprentice Sanskrit Level 1 teacher.    She is also a Certified Reiki Master.  Janet's passion as a teacher is to inspire her students to become confident, self loving and to tap into their inner strength, wisdom discovering the poses from inside rather than force them from the outside.  She focuses on the breath to move into the subtle body in order to really feel the poses and their effects and after effects on the body, mind and spirit. Her classes are deeply relaxing, joyful and fun.   Janet teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Restorative, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Sanskrit Level 1, Meditation and Yoga for Teens. 

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Jacqueline Shehadeh RYT 200

was introduced to yoga by her mother, who was a yoga teacher. This led her on a life changing journey, and in 2013, she completed her 200 hour teacher training and Yin Yoga certification at Yoga Path Studio.  She has also received Reiki Level I training from Live in Joy Yoga, and Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga training from Wake Up Yoga.  Jacqueline intends to continue journey by persuing a 500-hour teacher training as well as becoming a Reiki Master and life coach.

Jacqueline loves to teach yin, where she can challenge her students’ mind and body by learning to breathe through the poses. She also loves to teach upbeat vinyasa classes with great music.

Crystal Eiswert, RYT
Crystal began her yoga journey in 2004, at the suggestion of a doctor for improved spinal health and to combat a lifelong 100lb yo-yo weight struggle. She explored many different styles and lineages at studios all over North America, which earned her the nickname Yoga Gypsy. It’s a passionate study that continues to this day.
 Benefiting from a decade of studying and attending workshops and intensives in the yoga styles of Dharma Yoga, Tantric Hatha, Iyengar, Viniyoga, Anusara, Ashtanga and Kripalu, Crystal distills this variety into her teaching. Bringing yoga to beginners, the yoga-curious, and stiff bodied but open-minded individuals is one of her greatest joys. Crystal has completed 300hr yoga teacher-training program in classical hatha yoga, and obtained leadership certification in Y12SR (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery) with founder Nikki Meyers.
Crystal lives in Northeast Philadelphia, writing songs and doing yoga.

Yoga & Wellness

Connie Meehan, RYT 500
It’s Connie’s goal to teach clients how to breathe deeply and move consciously.  Connie started practicing yoga in 2003 and since then yoga and meditation have become a lifestyle and a passion.  She completed her first 200 hour teacher training at the Yoga Center of Medford in 2006, and her 500 hour training at Yoga on Main in 2014.  Since then Connie has been teaching a soft and gentle style yoga that is inspired by a deep awe and respect for the intricacies of the body.  Her class is focused toward enabling the student to become more peaceful, and balance mind body and spirit.   Connie encourages students to grow through an attentive practice both on and off the mat.

Julie Fischer, RTT, CMT, RYT 500
Co-Founder Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

Julie is a Registered Thai Therapist, Yoga Teacher and a Certified Massage Therapist. Julie  presents a variety of offerings at very reasonable prices.Always interested in healing modalities, Julie has travelled extensively and learned from healers from many cultures. After retiring from a career in finance, Julie started formally studying bodywork, and has become an avid student of Thai Massage.  Julie has studied privately in with Kimberly Call at the Center for Thai Massage, Rose Griscom in affiliation with ITM in Chang Mai, the legendary 'Mukti' Michael Buck of the Vedic Conservatory, and traditional massage with the Barberio School of Massage.  She has also studied energy healing with Mietek Wirkus and Dr. Richard Visone.  Julie has completed her Inner Fire yoga teacher training at Yoga on Main, as well as the ayurvedic yoga 500 hour program with Shiva Das & Ed Zadlow. Practicing yoga & massage is a passion and an honor that gives Julie great joy and growth on every level of her being. 

Michelle Livewell, RYT
Michelle is a hard working mother of two, born and raised in Northeast Philly. Her yoga journey began at home with a video, and she took her first official yoga class in 2002 at a local gym. She said she started going to Yoga classes at the gym weekly, and initially just wanted a workout. She soon discovered that yoga has much more to offer than a good butt kicking! After some time her practice shifted and so did her perspective on life.
 In 2013 she completed a 300 hour classical hatha training program at Amrita Yoga and Wellness in Philly. There she studied various styles of yoga but really gravitated toward energetics, Ayurveda and the overall effects of yoga on the mind and the emotional state. She tries to incorporate this all into her classes while remaining playful and fun. She wants to encourage people to stop living in their heads and get more in touch with their body and spirit. She believes firmly that yoga is for everyone and does not require a flexible body – just a flexible mind.

Carol Nise, RYT
Carol completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2008 and she began teaching.  She is a RYT, specializing in Chair and Gentle Yoga.  In 2009/2010 she completed trainings in Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing.  Carol began practicing as a sound practitioner in 2010.  She then took courses in Energy Medicine and in 2013, she completed a two year course of studies in the Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Certification Program and is a Reiki master.  Because Yoga has been a major component in maintaining her health she loves to share with her students.  

Shelly Schneider, RYT 500
Shelly works full time as a nurse practitioner in a dermatology practice.  With a lifetime focusing on health promotion and illness prevention, yoga has become a natural progression in her life.  In 2006 after a negative life changing event, Shelly searched for answers in her life.  She began taking yoga classes and found the result profoundly effective.  The integration of body - mind - spirit became such a powerfully positive force she completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour teacher training program, followed by the advanced 300 hour program and a training in iRest - Integrated Restorative Yoga Nidra.  Shelly incorporates pranayama (breath work), asana (postures) and meditation into her daily life.  The combination of personal practice and teaching yoga continues to be an important balance for fulfillment.  The advanced continuing education programs and indepth self study complement and benefit her life and practice.

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