All Level Yoga

This class is for all levels of ability, and great for beginners.  Modifications and variations are introduced so that all participants can receive the benefits of this class.

Ayurveda All Level – Experience the asanas, breathwork & meditation of Ayurvedic yoga!  Classes are designed to bring the body & mind into greater alignment with the harmony of nature.

Back to the Mat & Big Beginnings Yoga
Are you interested in the many body, mind & spirit benefits that Yoga offers, but feel that maybe you're not "fit" for “flexible” enough to do yoga?
Do you have an injury that limits you and the type of exercise you can do? Perhaps you haven't exercised in a while and don't know where to begin. Registered Yoga Teacher Melody will help you to gently & safely move through asanas (yoga poses) that increase flexibility, strength & stamina in both your body and mind while building confidence and harmony within your being.If not now, when?

Beginners & Beyond   
This class is designed for the beginner as well as those wanting to deepen into the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Yoga.  Explore fundamental yoga postures & philosophies of Ayurvedic Yoga in this ongoing class in an easy, informative, safe and relaxed way.

Chair Yoga
Yoga postures, breathwork and meditation from the chair!   Increase your mobility and flexibility in a fun and gentle way.  Perfect for beginners, those with flexibility or joint limitations, or recovering from injury or illness.

Chant & learn to use mantras, and yogic philosophy for greater wellbeing.

Explore & Expand
Tune into your true essence through asanas, breath work and meditation;  All levels welcomed.

Gentle Chair Yoga for Cancer Recovery

Chair Yoga is a unique yoga style that creatively adapts traditional yoga poses to be done while seated.This class is designed specifically for those recovering from cancer and it’s treatments, and is open only to those with a cancer diagnosis. We will warm up the body safely, engage in meditative breathing, and flow into gentle yoga poses mindfully with support and stability. This class is donation optional, no payment is required.

Greet the Day
Start your day off with mindful yoga postures, pranayama & meditation. 

Kids Yoga
A fun and engaging class exploring yoga poses, cooperative games, breathing and relaxation exercises and convey lessons in self-expression, body-awareness, and social skills. Non-competitive and fun, students develop strength, flexibility, concentration and confidence. Open to all kids 5-11 years old!

Kundalini Yoga 
Kundalini Yoga is known as “The Yoga of Awareness” due to it’s powerful inward focus on awareness of body, mind and spirit to provide a deep feeling of peace, happiness and well-being. Kundalini is a Raj Yoga (encompassing all eight limbs of yoga) into a single practice. Through synergy of body, mind, sound, breath and the meridian points, Kundalini Yoga relaxes and promotes healing without the use of “pretzel postures”. It is a great practice for both genders, couples and all levels of conditioning.  From your very first class you will experience the differences and benefits of this ancient yoga as you improve flexibility and strength, recharge and heal your body, nervous system and immune systems. In addition, Kundalini Yoga is highly useful in the treatment of addictions, back pain, depression, insomnia, stress and weight control.  Everyone and anyone can do it and should experience the amazing effects of Kundalini Yoga!


Let go of effort as you sink into held poses that work to enhance mobility and flexibility.  Yin Yoga is ‘passive’ yoga where we sink into postures for extended intervals. The longer held poses eases flexibility to connective tissue, cultivating ‘core flexibility’ and restores the body & mind.This practice works with the Chinese Medicine Meridian system to help build inner resources and dissipate energetic blockages.  Classes include a meditative aspect and may include gentle vinyasa flows. 

This class includes a blend of movement and breath with attention to alignment to best support the body for maximum health and efficiency.  Work involves releasing the tight  & problem areas and strengthening the weak to balance the physical body.  To conclude the class, experience integrative restoration (Yoga Nidra) to assimilate the subtle body with the physical to promote healing of mind, body and spirit.

Vinyasa Fun Flow

This class offers a series of postures connecting breath and movement in a rhythmic stream. The class starts off slow, increases in energy to create heat within the body and then ends with a rewarding relaxation. This is an energetic, lighthearted and playful practice with an upbeat musical playlist. The movements promote strength, endurance and suppleness. Be prepared to work your edges as you enjoy a lively flowing practice.  The class can be adapted to meet all levels, you are meant to meet yourself where you are at and modifications are given as needed. The goal is not the pose, the goal is enjoying the ride along the way.


This class begins with a warming and opening active vinyasa practice to challenge students in a way that is suitable for all levels, moving the energy in the body. Then we will cool the body moving into yin, where we hold postures on the floor for 3-5 minutes, getting into the connective tissue and helping students to relax in the deepest layers of mind and body. A well balanced practice which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of your day from a nurtured, centered space. 

Yoga Nidra 
Yoga Nidra is body-centered form of meditation that can be practiced for many reasons -  to deeply relax and release stress; to promote healing of the body-mind, and to rediscover a greater sense of wholeness and balance.

Yoga for Building Awareness & Strength 
Find your balance as you build inner and outer strength & awareness in this progressive vinyasa class that is seasonally based.   Each of the sequences will build upon each other, to bring strength on every level.   Some yoga experience is recommended.  

Class Descriptions

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