"My vision for the world is simple. Music is everywhere, sing and dance and play along.
I'm a student and teacher of the world's music. Leana Song is my spiritual expression. Hennessey Bonfire is my temporal exposition. I want to share my journey with you through my music.
Hope you dig the sounds!
Much Love, Shawn

“Shawn is an incredibly creative, responsible, dedicated, and motivated individual who is multi-talented, genuine, and an endless source of positive energy." - Moe Methot

World drumming with Shawn Hennessey
Thurday, Nov. 7th


$25  Please pre-register as this workshop is likely to be sold out!

 Join us for a high energy drumming workshop with world percussionist, singer-songwriter, humanitarian and educator Shawn Hennessey!

In this incredible evening of high vibration, we will  explore many different drumming techniques from around the world, play rhythmic games,  and experience drum language, polyrhythm.

The class will also incorporate rhythms and songs from West Africa, the Mid-East, Brazil, Cuba.  Experience ‘Singing while playing’ and your own soul’s rhythms and sounds as improvisation is encouraged! All skill levels are welcome. 

Bring your drums and percussion instrument, if you have them. 

Some drums will be provided also.

Live in Joy

Shawn is also the founder of Leana Song, sharing connection through song, community &  world music

A world percussionist and singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Shawn Hennessey's music is diverse and progressive.  Releasing music under the names Leana Song (Afro-Cuban), and Hennessey Bonfire (Original Music), Shawn's career has brought him all over the world, Ghana, Haiti, Tahiti, Istanbul, to name a few.  Currently working with over 10 bands, including with members of Paul Simon's band, Bollywood star Jeffrey Iqbal, and Brazilian master drummer Dende Macedo, Shawn plays both drumset and percussion and guitar as a sideman and studio musician.  In late 2016 Shawn released his first alternative Christmas song, ‘Xancer Free Xmas’, a personal account of his battle with a brain tumor.  In 2017 Shawn is releasing his 3rd studio album “Orisha Love Songs Vol. 2”.  Recorded in Cuba and the US, this album is defines the genre ‘electro folkloric’.