Live in Joy

Kathy Milano of Soul Sanctuary is extending the Sacred Feminine Invitation to explore living practically and powerfully in partnership with the Way of the Mystery. This invitation is not simply an intellectual idea. It is a living energy which exists within you waiting to be noticed, activated, and demonstrated.  Guided directly by the archetypal and Angelic representatives in the Way of the Feminine Mystery, you develop the capacity to live a new perspective and flowing way of being within the world. 

You will better understand the power of the Action of the Feminine as you engage the practice of Divine Stillness and utilize the energetic qualities of receptivity, nourishment, and rejuvenation.  This workshop explores the Sacred Feminine as archetypal energy patterns and as an action (distinct yet harmonious with the action of the Sacred Masculine).  Awakening both an empowering perspective and the gateway to enter the direct teaching of the Sacred Feminine Mystery invites subtle and powerful changes in your life. Within this exploration, you learn how to dive deeply within Her Presence to both let go of what holds you back and to be shown how to live in a new, meaningful, and aligned manner.  

This Feminine Mystery wants to be known, lived, and shared with the world.  Kathy engages her own embodied partnership with the Sacred Feminine so that the group receives the perfect teaching and energy attunements which open the way to The Mystery.  During the afternoon, you will meet and work directly with the feminine Archangels (Archeiai) and the archetypal energies known as The Great Mother and the Goddess of Compassion.  As you receive practical information, guided meditation, simple everyday practices, and your own direct experience, you are empowered to deepen into your personal relationship with the Sacred Feminine. This workshop is not just for women as the Sacred Feminine embraces  everyONE.  Dress comfortably, bring water, and your journal.

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The Sacred Feminine:
Explore. Engage. Embody.

with Kathy Milano

Sunday, March 8th