Letting GO

Releasing Trauma & Relieving Chronic Pain

Level 2


Tuesday evenings, 

April 10th -May 29th


*Pre-Requisite:   This is for those who have completed the Level 1 Series

$160    Registration required to ensure space and materials!

Please register by 4/3

Live in Joy

This deeply healing and restorative program helps those with histories of trauma and/or chronic pain to feel safe and fully alive in their bodies. Weekly classes do not include strenuous yoga poses or require sitting on the floor and there is no need to speak about the traumas or pain in order to heal.

Through mind and body awareness, self-assessments, breath-work, guided imagery and meditations, participants will learn how to relax, fully connect with their senses and body’s messages, soothe the nervous system, release negative thoughts and energy, get unstuck and re-write the stories they tell themselves.

This course includes sound therapy and a professional workbook.

Natural Awakenings South Jersey News Brief

January, 2018 issue

An encore offering of the highly effective “Letting Go – Releasing Trauma and Reliving Chronic Pain” healing series at Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness in Audubon on Tuesday evenings from January 23 – March 13, 2018.

This unique and effective program is grounded in neuroscientific research that has revolutionized the treatment of trauma and chronic pain over the past five years. It is now known that talk therapy alone is no longer considered effective treatment and must include somatic (body) centered therapies. According to Devpreet Kaur, “What I have learned from my own journey and through extensive study of current research is that even when we think we are over the emotional impact of trauma, the body’s nervous system is often still operating in survival mode. Chronic anxiety and/or pain is the body’s signal of unresolved trauma in the nervous system.”

Because the revolution in treatment has taken place over the past five years, most therapists are not trained in the new methods. In addition to talk therapy they are referring clients to yoga and meditation because research consistently shows yoga and meditation to be more powerful than talk therapy and even more effective than many medications. For this reason, Devpreet Kaur a yoga teacher, PTSD/chronic pain survivor and former Director of Pharmaceutical Training studied extensively with the NICABM to create the “Letting Go” healing series. An eight week healing journey of self-discovery for those with a history of childhood trauma, domestic violence, single incident trauma and chronic pain.  Weekly classes include cutting-edge methods for soothing the nervous system, a workbook, gentle and chair yoga and deep healing.

Cost: $160 Pre-registration is required to ensure space and materials.

Location: 118 W. Merchant Street. For more information call 856-546-1006 or visit

www.DevpreetKaur.com and/or LiveInJoyYoga.com.