Live in Joy

naMAMAste Yoga
yoga specifically for moms

with Stephanie Varnum, RYT   

Sunday, MARCH 10th        

       6:30-8 pm     

Cost: $20

*Please pre-register*

naMAMAste Yoga:  A yoga class specifically for moms!
Motherhood can be a time of great joy and happiness as you watch your child develop and grow.  To see the world through the eyes of your child can be a magical experience.  However, it can also be a time filled with stress and anxiety as you struggle with changes in your body, your schedule and your priorities. 

As moms, we are forever in motion, pulled in many directions as we care for our children and families.  This leaves little time to care for ourselves so that we can be calm, more mindful mothers. 

Yoga can be a wonderful tool for women to prioritize their own self-care.  By connecting our movement to our breath, we can de-stress from our lives as caregivers. 

Please join us in this special yoga class that blends postures and breathing exercises to help mothers find balance, be more patient, cultivate self-compassion and build strength.  You deserve this, mamas!

Stephanie Varnum RYT 200
Stephanie took her first yoga class in 2001 as a way to improve her strength and flexibility.  She found yoga helped alleviate chronic muscular pain from a lifetime of competitive sports, and improved her ability to manage stress from her job in corporate finance.  As a former collegiate athlete, Stephanie has long been interested in the power and movement of the physical body.  As her yoga practice deepened, she quickly discovered how the body’s connection with the breath can be an invaluable resource to quiet her mind during difficult times.Stephanie lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and two daughters and strives to incorporate yoga poses and mindfulness practices into their daily lives.  She graduated from the 200 hour teacher training program at Live in Joy in May 2016 and is especially grateful to have the opportunity to teach here at this studio.