Live in Joy

Karen Drosnes is certified as an Ayurveda Yoga Instructor and as a Life Coach, specializing in personal development. She has spent the last 25 years studying self-help, spirituality, and personal development. Ms. Drosnes is a public speaker that has presented numerous workshops on topics of her specialty, self-care and recovery from crisis.

Early on in her career, Karen worked tirelessly as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and collaborated with the NJ State Attorney General’s Office in the creation of a 40-hour training program for volunteers of Domestic Violence Response Teams in the state of NJ.  She is passionate about helping to bring out the best in someone, to support and encourage others to see their self-worth and value through self-care practices. And dogs! She is extremely passionate about dogs!

Mind Your Meditation with Karen Drosnes
Saturday September 23rd
 1:00-3:30pm  $20

Does finding more time in your day sound good?

Is better communication in your relationships something you desire?

One of the top recommended tools and practices for reducing stress, bringing calmness to the mind, greater productivity and all around health, is to be mindful of the present moment.

Come join us for a workshop that will provide philosophy, teachings and practices of mindfulness and meditation. Participate in meditations such as Tratac (focus meditation), mindful eating, walking and guided meditations.  

All of these techniques are designed to bring peace, relaxation, and health to the mind, body and soul.