Delight in your Soul's Invitation to Explore a
New Way to walk the Sacred Path of your Life

In spiritual circles and mainstream society, we are consistently being invited to Live our Purpose and Create our Reality. These invitations seem to align with a deep inner desire to cultivate a life of meaning which is rich in reward for self, others, and the world at large. External and internal urgings team up to ask questions such as “What is my Path? Purpose? Passion?” “How do I get there?” “How do I make a living?” “How do I overcome the roadblocks I face from within and without?” Such beautiful questions often leave us full of enthusiasm and mild trepidation as we step onto a path that will soon become littered with fits and starts. Unpleasant companions, such as confusion, self judgment, doubt, and a sense of inadequacy, frequently travel alongside us. We are left wondering what we are to do when we are distracted or diverted from our directional focus.

During one Nourishing Day together, we will explore these questions and how they help or hinder us. Then, we will lay them down and creatively explore together the Way to Live Authentically aligned with the natural pulsing of Life which is happening now, is easily accessible, and amazingly reliable. Bringing her creative perspective, intuitive flow, WholeHearted energy psychology, and deep desire to participate in Life’s invitation, Kathy will empower you to identify how to move deeper within Life’s Sacred invitation. So we rely less on the cultivated habits of a lifetime which have led us to these questions and our doubts, we will gently, powerfully, efficiently, and lovingly dive into new ways of living our questions without concern for the answers.

In a short time with quiet, comfort, laughter, snacking, and sharing, we will explore a variety of ideas and techniques that will lighten up this journey and relax our grip on the need to answer these questions. Here are some clues about what the day will include, but you are really invited to just show up as a “know nothing” and see what unfolds.

Topics for Living the Sacred Path Now include:

Cultivating the Art of WholeHearted Living
Treasure Mapping your Way through Life
Finding your North Star Constellation
Creatively TaDa! your Project Planning
Opening the Awareness Gateway to Divine Guidance
Rebalancing with WholeHearted Energy Psychology

You have everything required to participate. Right now. Join us as you create the space in your life to entertain the questions, engage a playful approach to life, and settle deeply into your Sacred Path which is already unfolding and calling you Home. Bring a journal and colored pencils or pens. We might be doodling.  Bring a snack.

Live in Joy

Saturday, June 9th


please pre-register   $55

Living your

sacred path

with Kathy Milano