Laughter Yoga - A Wellness Playshop!

with Julie Fischer

Thursday, August 16th 6:30-7:30pm

FREE!  (Donation optional)

We know that laughter feels good, but did you know that it is also a proven form of complementary medicine that can release stress, improve emotional and physical health, and improve your productivity at work? Come to a joy-filled Laughter Wellness Playshop that’s grounded in science and produces immediate results!

We will use playful laughter yoga processes, breathwork, movement and cooperative games that relax the whole body, bring you back to your innate sense of joy, strengthen the immune system, restore playfulness & so much more.

 We won’t be needing yoga mats or doing any traditional yoga poses, just fun movements that anyone can do.  Laughter Playshops are not based on humor or jokes, but rather on laughter as a physical exercise.

You don’t need jokes, a sense of humor or comedy. It’s very easy.  We laugh because we can.  Come and experience Joy!

Give it a try!  

Learn a little and laugh along with

this short laughter clip!

Live in Joy