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Teja Shanti Kaur is a Mom, Registered Nurse, Certified Reiki Master, and Certified 220-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher. During her Reiki training, she was guided to pursue Kundalini Yoga and it quickly became her passion.

She had been suffering from chronic pain and fatigue while battling thyroid cancer since 2000. In September 2009, she began a gentle yoga practice and realized she was starting to feel better. It wasn’t until she began Kundalini Yoga 5 years later in October 2014 she realized her own vitality and health. Just 3 months after beginning Kundalini yoga, the cancer was finally undetectable! Teaching since July 2016, it is her desire and commitment to pass this knowledge on and to help guide you in becoming the best YOU possible.

In addition to her multi-level weekly classes Teja Shanti offers private/semi-private Kundalini Yoga classes, Energy Healing (Reiki/IET) sessions and Gong meditations. She enjoys teaching beginner’s classes, kundalini meditation with aromatherapy, and more recently her Empowered Woman Series.

Kundalini Yoga Intro Experience

6 Week Series
As taught by Yogi Bhajan
Presented by Teja Shanti Kaur

Join Teja Shanti, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, in this journey of self discovery. Through the complete practice and technology of Kundalini Yoga you will begin to feel connected mind, body and soul. In each of our 6 weeks we will cover a different topic integral to Kundalini Yoga such as breathwork, meditation, mantra, the major chakras, the ten bodies,history of Kundalini Yoga and more!

6 Tuesdays : Jan 8th -Feb 12th
Investment: $120 for 6 week series or

$25 drop in rate

Week 1: Kundalini Yoga, Tuning In and Guidelines

Week 2: Pranayam, Asana, Mudra, Bandha

Week 3: Mantra, Mind and Meditation

Week 4: Chakras

Week 5: The Ten Bodies

Week 6: Yogic Lifestyle

“Yoga is not going to make you great.
Yoga is going to make you You!”

--Yogi Bhajan