Live in Joy

Yvette Om is a Kirtan artist, Yoga teacher, Singer-Songwriter, and Numerologist.

To chant with Yvette is to reach deeply within.  Many come simply to be in her enchanting presence, an effervescent Love and Light that emanates from her, illuminates and expands.  Others are drawn to Yvette's kirtans and teachings for the uniquely intuitive and personal wisdoms she imparts in-between her chants.  These wisdoms speak directly to and resonate with those who are present.  Yet others attend without knowing why they are drawn to her, not yet knowing what they are seeking, but quickly discover the power of her luminous light.  There is a special serenity surrounding her aura of beauty and contentment that permeates and penetrates.
Blending Traditional Eastern music with Western Popular melody, Yvette has reinvented the art of Kirtan in her unique way of peaking energetic waves of mantra with spontaneous vocal harmony, spiraling sound and song to new heights of beauty, power and awareness.  Yvette's style of kirtan is unusually harmonic, bringing in all the colors of the chakras to dance with each other and in turn, inspiring those present to join in the dance.

An Exploration into

the Heart of Bhakti
with Yvette OM

Friday, December 14th

6-9PM  $25

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of ‘Love’.

A practice that asks for a whole heart

to enter with

willingness and pure intention.

Chanting the names of the Divine or the many names of God can bring moments of wonder and connectivity to the ‘Beloved.’

This 3 hour workshop will explore this growing limb of yoga with
ancient Sanskrit mantras repeated in ‘call and response’ song.
No vocal ability is required. No experience necessary.

Just an open heart and beginners mind.