Drum Circle

Sacred Intentions

with Rev. Al Bennett & Rev. Christina Marie Layer

Friday, Feb 7th

6:30-8:30pm   $20  suggested love offering

The Sacred Drumming Circle is an opportunity for each of us to let go, laugh, and experience the joy the Creator intended for each of us to have, every day of our lives.
We prepare for the Drumming Circle with the smudging ritual, in which we purify the aura of each participant with the smoke of sage, which is a sacred cleansing herb. Through smudging, we release any negative energy we may be holding onto, and we enter the Drumming Circle with a feeling of peace and harmony.

Reverend Al initiates the Drumming Circle by inviting the Native American Spirits and the Ancestors to join us in joy and celebration. Participants arrange themselves in a circle, which Native Americans call the hoop of life, and Reverend Al leads the drumming, which is a deep mystical experience that connects us with the energy of all things in Nature, and reveals to us the truth of our being.

The beat of a drum is like the beat of the heart, and as we drum we connect spiritually, through our heart, to Nature and all beings. Reverend Al tells stories in the old tradition of Native Americans, and the richness of these tales reveal the deep spirituality of the Native American culture, and the profound connection with Nature and respect for all Beings. We know that the Spirits of our Ancestors and of Nature want us to be happy, so we sing, dance and celebrate the wonder of life. We encourage everyone to bring a drum, rattle or Native style flute, although we will have a few extras available if you do not have one. Previous drumming or musical experience is not required, only your willingness to participate and to celebrate in community with others.

Live in Joy