Live in Joy

Devpreet’s yogic adventure started as a child in the 1960’s when despite neglect and abuse, she felt so certain of God’s love that she began a lifelong quest to understand what she so strongly knew. Her journey took her to yoga in 1978 with sporadic Hatha Yoga classes, but it wasn’t until her brother’s sudden death in 1993 that she was “shaken awake.”

In 1994 Devpreet discovered Kundalini Yoga and says, “I knew that I had come home.” From 1994 – 1996 she attended a weekly course in yogic studies and began to walk the path in earnest. In 2011, disability drove Devpreet to retire from a pharmaceutical training business that she had built and run for 15 years as she set out to heal herself by yogic and naturopathic means.

Devpreet believes that her entire life’s course has prepared her to teach Kundalini Yoga. As a deeply devoted student and educator, she will never stop learning and is currently enrolled on a 5 year advanced Kundalini Studies program.

Devpreet’s style is realistic and reverent as she communicates the deep Truths of the teachings. Through stories told with authenticity and ease, she shares the transformative effects that the teachings have had in her own life and in so many others

Devpreet Kaur RYT, IKYTA