Live in Joy

Appreciated for her warm presence and moving vocals, Kristen has been invited to lead kirtan at yoga studios and home events for a decade. This devotional, uplifting practice of bhakti yoga – gathering interfaith groups where all voices blend into one – brings her heart home. Call and response mantras, and the silent stillness following the chant, elicit healing vibrational energy and a profound sense of peace. It is an honor for Kristen to guide these experiences of joy and love in community. 
Following the screening of the exquisite documentary Mantra: Sounds into Silence in Montclair, NJ, Kristen led a sold-out kirtan experience that was enthusiastically received. 
Accompanying her respected teacher, Jillian Pransky, at Kripalu for her popular summer and winter retreats, Kristen now offers live chanting to support student relaxation. 
Kristen cherishes the opportunity to sing response as well, and has been privileged to sing alongside renowned kirtan leaders from Bless Fest to Integral Yoga in NYC. For many years, Kristen led response and harmonized with her dear friend, Sangita, at kirtans throughout the east coast from Kripalu to the Lovelight Festival; these sisters in song continue to plan reunion kirtans. 
Kristen also leads teacher training workshops on incorporating chant into classes, offers harmonium and mantra lessons for yoga instructors, and is developing original melodies for her heart-project, an album of devotional chant.

We invite you for an evening of heart centered community Kirtan with Kristen Ambrosi and Jagadisha Petrovic!

Join us for this special musical experience of singing our hearts open!
This transformative call-and-response practice is joyful, healing, and beautiful.
No vocal experience or yoga mats needed. All are welcome!

Kristen and Jagadisha have been offering kirtan together since 2011 when they collaborated to bring Bhakti to their home yoga studios. From 2014-2016, they accompanied their mutual friend Sangita to lead kirtans at Kripalu, the Lovelight Festival, and for numerous events throughout NY and NJ. They reunite regularly to create memorable experiences of devotional mantra music with groups throughout the Northeast.

Community Kirtan NJ Tour
with Kristen Ambrosi & Jagadisha Petrovic

Saturday, March 30, 2019
8:00 - 10:00 PM   

$15 pre-reg, $20 at door