Live in Joy

Linens and towels and great vegetarian food is provided. The building is air-conditioned and quiet. They have wireless accessibility, although we encourage you to 'unplug' as much as possible!  

The Bhakti Weekend will be in the beautiful  Temenos Retreat Center! 

Temenos is a small retreat center nestled in the hills of southern Chester County on a secluded 56-acre nature sanctuary, yet only 1 hours drive from NJ and center city, and ten minutes from downtown West Chester, PA. The retreat space was designed to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty by Eric Wright, the grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright.  

The incredible land and center provides a comfortable, beautiful, serene setting for deeply immersing in Bhakti, the yoga of love and devotion & the nature of our own
Truth and Joy!

Join in discussion, meditation, contemplation, nature walks, movement in music, yoga, delicious vegetarian meals & participate in making lots and lots of music with Yvette Om!  Also, we will have wonderful percussion throughout the weekend with Mira

A Weekend of Sonic Oneness and Bliss!

Totally immerse and stay on-site!  There are 8 guest rooms for lodging with 17 beds. All rooms have a private bath. 

Retreat with Yvette Om

at the

Temenos Retreat Center
Friday - Sunday
May 3-5

Bring your instruments and we will play together!   If you have an extra harmonium or drum for others to experience, please bring that as well!

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Yvette has a diverse background. Coming from a family of exiled Jews out of Egypt, Yvette traveled as a child and was exposed to many different cultures. In each she heard the song of the divine and saw the common thread that connects us.

Delicious & healthy meals made with love by Janet Watkins!

With so many distractions pulling at us these days, one weekend is what we need to unveil the essence of our infinite nature.

Come take that primal dive into the bath of sacred sound and song. One can not help but know oneself again… for there is nothing more valuable than showing up, together, whole, bold… brilliant and seen!

Together, we will:
~Cultivate Bhakti - devotional practices and offerings of chanting & music
~Explore philosophy and practice of mantras and their meanings
~Yoga for voice: Learn simple vocal techniques that professional singers know
~Pranayama and the song of breath
`Basics of instruments:  Harmonium, guitar, percussion
~Study of chants and personal practice
~Learn the art of Kirtan and how to create your own chants
~Take steps towards uncovering your Divine offering
~Connect with and share your special gift, whether it be sacred song, poetry, art or momentary reflection

Immerse in a retreat weekend of Bhakti, and it's devotional practices of mantra, kirtan & vibration in a beautiful space in West Chester, PA that is perfect for sacred practice. 

Weekend Lodging at Temenos

$130 per person / double occupancy
check-in Friday 4pm - checkout Sunday 5pm
(we will assign roomate if one is not specified)

$110 per person /triple occupancy
(*must sign up all 3 roomates same day)

A Weekend of Bhakti & Bliss Retreat

with Yvette OM

Saturday only: $150
Includes full retreat, 3 incredible meals, Saturday kirtan & optional early morning yoga  &meditation

Give yourself the gift of immersion in Bhakti

For our indoor chanting and activities, we will use the lovely Great Room, designed to feature the beautful view of the woods and even has an outside deck overlooking the preserve.

Upon college graduation with a BA in Theater Interpretation from Northwestern University, Yvette enjoyed an extensive career in Musical Theatre. Among her most memorable roles are Christine Dae in “The Phantom of the Opera” and the one-woman play “Hannah Sennesh,” about an Israeli heroine during World War II. While living in Manhattan she co-wrote a rock musical “Atom & Eve – The Second Desert Sky” about lost teenagers on a spiritual quest for paradise. Atom & Eve bore its first incarnation at the Westbeth Theatre under the direction of Tom O’Horgan of Jesus Christ Superstar.

In her mid-twenties she happened upon Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.” An inner recognition burst free. Every page rang familiar and sang to her.

Yvette became certified in 2003 with Kali Ray in TriYoga and is a Hatha Yoga RYT with Yoga Alliance. Her favorite readings: The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Siddhartha, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda, and Who Am I by Ramana Maharshi.

Yvette owes much gratitude to her mentor, the late Thomas Ashley-Farrand, who taught her the meaning and sound efficiency of Sanskrit mantra. She also gracefully acknowledges her Kirtan inspiration: David Newman, Deva Premal, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Snatam  Kaur and WAH!

She released her concept album “The Song of Breath” co-produced with Ben Leinbach and featuring chant artists Girish and Benjy Wertheimer in 2013; Her Kirtan CD debut “Into the Arms of Love” featuring David Newman in 2010 was co-produced with Frank Wolf, both received with much acclaim.

In 2016  “We Are One” was released featuring Girish and the Philadelphia Boys Choir, and now her latest release in September of 2018  the Divinely inspired “Divine”  both co-produced with the legendary Ben Leinbach.

Yvette has recorded with Gaura Vani, Girish, David Newman and has shared the Kirtan stage with Russill Paul, author of “The Yoga of Sound.”

She teaches Hatha yoga at her community center in Newtown Square, PA, offers private/group healing sound sessions, is a harmonium/vocal/mantra coach and a numerologist.

An activist for LBBC’s Living Beyond Breast Cancer events, Yvette offers sacred music at the Annual “Yoga on the Steps – Reach & Raise” Living Outdoor Expos. She also blogs and has a UTube channel with Reach & Raise co-founder Jennifer Schelter titled Let’s Talk About Your Dreams; An extension of her passion for connection in community.

She is married to her beloved Christopher and they share their home with their two beautiful daughters and two spirited dogs under the ‘Oneness’ umbrella of Mata Amritanandamayi also known as Amma.


Full weekend: $350
Includes full retreat, 6 incredible meals, Saturday kirtan & optional early morning yoga  &meditation

Immersion Hours: 
Friday 6-10pm

Saturday 9:30am-10pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

There are hiking trails, a lovely water-view area and many quiet places for reflection and meditation and small group processes.  The quiet space at Temenos is ideal for our greatest expansion and renewal.  

You can sleep late or get up early and join in morning Sadhana. Use break times to write, read, draw, walk amidst the tall trees, listen to birds and brook, explore the big questions of life or simply do nothing at all.

There will be break times to commune with nature in the beautiful expanse of Temenos, contemplation and meals, and also an optional early morning meditation & yoga.